Yoga House Miami

Q.  Which Class Should I Take?

A.  That depends on the result you want!

Goal Class
Stretching and Pain Relief Low Back/Shoulders/Knees Back and Shoulder Therapy
Physical Challenge for Mental Clarity Vinyasa
Physical Challenge for Mental Clarity Power Fusion
Calorie Burn Hot Pilates

Back and Shoulder Therapy:

Tired of low back pain?
Ready for some upper body strength?
Know that you need core strength but don’t know how to get it?

We are ready to help you get started. 

Bikram yoga is a one size fits all, whole body stretch with emphasis on opening the lower back.  Designed for people who have never tried yoga before.   Plus we do small movements in the pose to deepen the stretch, activate the core, and work the upper body.  

Vinyasa: Flow through postures designed to challenge, strengthen, and stretch while making you sweat. A great mental workout, too - focusing and calming the mind through physical movement.

Power Fusion: Power Fusion is a blend of Vinyasa and Bikram.

Hot Pilates: A high-energy, low-impact, calorie burning class using planks, burpees, and 20 seconds on/10 seconds off interval training for an efficient cardio workout.