Yoga House Miami



Q.  Which Class Should I Take?

A.  That depends on the result you want!


  • Back and Shoulder Therapy - Tired of low back pain? Ready for some upper body strength? Know that you need core strength but don’t know how to get it? A beginner's yoga class based on Bikram yoga.
  • Vinyasa - Flow through postures designed to challenge, strengthen, and stretch while making you sweat. A great mental workout, too - focusing and calming the mind through physical movement.
  • Power Fusion - A blend of Vinyasa and Bikram.
  • Hot Pilates - A high-energy, low-impact, calorie burning class using planks, burpees, and 20 seconds on/10 seconds off interval training for an efficient cardio workout.


All classes are about an hour and 95 degrees.  Beginners Welcome.